Introduction of new IDZOR 9750BT Scanner Bluetooth
IDZOR TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD introduces a new product 9750BT Bluetooth Scanner. IDZOR 9750BT is a wireless barcode scanner, which means the transfer of scanned barcodes remotely via Bluetooth 4.0 to a special communication radio station, which shipped with the scanner. The communication radio station is connected via a USB cable to a personal computer or laptop and uploads the bar codes received from the scanner into the operating system Windows, iOS or Android and further into the necessary software or information system installed on the OS. The wireless distance of the 9750BT scanner t..
IDZOR 2200 new product with high quality and affordable price.
IDZOR TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD introduces a new product IDZOR 2200 to scan barcodes. The scanner is easy to use in the warehouse, store, logistics. The main advantage it is the ideal combination of price and quality of the scanner IDZOR 2200. The scan engine capable of reading all popular linear barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes. Scanning speed of 200 scans per second, allows you to quickly identify dense and small bar codes. Big scanning angle perfect scans wide barcodes. The scanner comes with a special plastic stand. Stand strong and light. In complectation of scanner IDZOR 2200 shipped a ..
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